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A Boob Job in a Box

Waterproof. Sweat-proof. Outfit-proof.
Available in 3 natural shades.
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"I like to say our mission to lift women up goes far beyond replacing their bras. And having had my own scares (all by the age of 31), it's so important to me that Nue gives back to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with every purchase all year round.

 But as we enter October, aka Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I encourage you to consider your own breast health. Keep up at-home exams and follow through with regular doctor visits. Breast cancer doesn't discriminate against race, age, lifestyle or even gender, and early detection is key.

 Ps. I hope you love our limited edition pink box as much as I do! *While supplies last.* Tag us!!"

xx, Stephanie, Founder of Nue

    Nue's breast tape is more than just a bra alternative. Get the lift and cleavage even the hardest-working push-up bras can't give you. Our roll makes it easy to customize the look you want without straps, clasps, or cups. Just cut to your desired length, lift in place, and stick for all-day wear. It's comfortable, customizable, invisible under clothes, sweatproof, waterproof (Hello, bikini season!), and easy to remove.

    • 16.5-foot roll will last you multiple uses, depending on your bust size and needs.
    • Available in 3 shades.
    • Roll design makes it easier to cut to your desired length and customize your style to complement your outfit.
    • Designed with a stretch to move with your body and give you just the right amount of support.
    • One-time use.
    • Hypoallergenic, latex-free, easy to remove.
    • Do not apply over broken, damaged, or sun-burned skin. Discontinue use immediately if redness or irritation occurs. Patch test on inner arm for sensitivity or allergies.

    A Boob Job in a Box is the first on the market to come in a variety of skin tones. Pick a shade that flatters you, and it will remain undetectable under even the sheerest of fabrics.

    Inside every Nue purchase, you'll find our application guide packed with tips and tricks to get the most from your breast tape.

    Let's Hear it for the Girls

    We believe in giving back. That's why proceed from every. single. sale. are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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