The best boob tape brand, Nue, offers 10 high school students a free glam day.

The Best Boob Tape: Nue Supports Young Women’s Prom Dreams

Written by: Paris Suttle



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When you're in the market for the best boob tape, or any product, for that matter, you're buying into way more than just that particular purchase. You're buying into a brand ethos, a code of ethics, a company with a moral compass—or lack thereof. We love a good beauty buy, but it feels better when you can get your hands on a must-have staple support businesses with positive social and community impacts in one shot.

Nue has always believed that supporting women must go far beyond replacing her bra. In our latest initiative, we worked to support women literally and figuratively. Nue led a charity event to get 10 underprivileged students from the valley of Los Angeles ready for their big night. For those, prom is a luxury, an expense too exorbitant to bear. Between the dress, beauty prep, and associated additional costs, high school seniors of this underprivileged group are often forced to forgo their special night. Nue believes every senior should be rewarded for their hard work—some of them as the first of their families to graduate high school—regardless of their financial restraints. Our founder, Stephanie Montes, says,

"This has been a dream of mine since launching Nue in 2020. The pandemic set us back a few years, and finding the right school took some time."

Founder of Nue, Stephanie Montes photographed with student
Founder of Nue, Stephanie Montes photographed with student

With parents and siblings in attendance, each girl experienced a memorable day before their big night. They started with facials provided by Rile and moved on to makeup with Ring My Belle and hairstyling by Joico. Students picked dresses from Show Me Your Mumu and matching manis provided by Olive & June. Finally, they finished off their look with the best boob tape and silicone nipple covers by Nue. A winner of our giveaway, Hennessy, a senior at Social Justice Humanitas Academy, says, "I'm grateful for the opportunity to get glammed up for prom for free. Thank you to the brands for getting us prepped for prom and supplying us with the chance to slay." Another participant, Genesis, a senior at Social Justice Humanitas Academy, says,

"Wow! Thank you, Nue, for allowing my students to shine and get glammed up for prom! I am so thankful for this opportunity. Ten students from Cesar Chavez Learning Academies got the opportunity to make their special day even more special! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Prom students win free facial for charity drive by the Brand Nue - best boob tape for women
Students received free facials provided by Rile.
Prom students win free manicure for charity drive by the Brand Nue - best boob tape for women
Students received free manicures provided by Olive & June.

She ultimately chose a school in her hometown of San Fernando, Cesar Chavez Learning Academies, a Title I school with an 89.13 percent poverty rate. "The idea was always to treat a handful of students to free head-to-toe glam, from hair and makeup, to free dresses, and with the help of some incredible brands, we did just that," she says. Ms. Amy Ramirez, School Counselor at SJHA, says,

"Winning the giveaway meant the absolute world to me because I was already strictly budgeting myself for a dress, not even considering everything else I would want in my ideal prom look. I feel so much more at ease now financially and am so excited to look my best for a night I hope to always remember."

Prom students win free dresses for charity drive by the Brand Nue - best boob tape for women
Students received free dresses provided by Show Me Your Mumu and underpinnings by Nue.

The 10 students were selected at random from a sign-up list available to all graduating female and female-identifying seniors at the school. And while this was Nue's first foray into the world of prom giveaways, the initiative proved to be a success. The brand has already been gaining interest from other schools in the area that would like to recreate a similar day for their student body.

If you would like to nominate a school, please contact us via email at or post a submission video to Instagram and tag @the_brand_nue.

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